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The Gambler Reviews

The Melbourne Cup is creeping closer and closer. Prospective gamblers will make some serious cash if they play right and also gamble smart. Betters searching for Melbourne Cup tips, read on.

Shocking is actually our choice because we think it has great potential to win the race. Shockings performances until now have been less than impressive even though it has won the race last year. However Shocking still has a good chance to win big at the cup this year as he is the one that should not be underestimated. With that said, because he doesnt win 100% of the time, you shouldnt gamble it all on Shocking.

You should think about betting Trifecta and First Four. However because this years field does seem at least a bit volatile, winning trifecta and First Four might be a challenge. Tokai Trick, Harris Tweed, Americain, and Alcopop are worth considering for a boxed exotic bet. Betting on So You Think isnt a bad step by any means. He is one of the favourites. This doesnt suggest that So You Think and other top winners should be definitive. Analyze the season and make individual predictions, as this is the best way to win big. You will need to bet smart if you want to make money off of the sport.
You must examine the result of any Victoria Derby Day races. You will be able to get a last moment look at the aspiring winners of the Melbourne Cup. Set aside one day to have a serious appraisal prior to betting, and observe each entrant very closely until youre confident enough to place a bet on them for the big competition.

Finally, dont take every details you read on the internet to be definitive or final. You should bet based on your understanding and experience. A great gambler can frequently spot a winning entrant, so consider any online info about Melbourne Cup odds with a grain of salt.

We could not find FREE PICKS